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I'm writing this letter on behalf of Dr. Denise Coleman, attorney at law.  Dr. Coleman was

extremely instrumental in helping me gain full custody of my son.  Dr. Coleman made several  (7)

hour round trips over a three (3) year period, making numerous court appearances!  I can't even

begin to count the number of hours regarding strong counsel and sacrifices of her personal time.

When we started our journey together, my son was nearly 2 years old. And, because of Dr.

Coleman's efforts, I was awarded full custody when he was 4 years old. My son is now 13 years old,

healthy, happy and still remembers a woman who laid it all on the line, so that he could grow up in

a safe environment! It is without hesitation that I would recommend Dr. Coleman as a well-known,

experienced and tenacious attorney. I placed my very own son's well being in her hands, and she

came through for us with flying colors!



Mr. Jerel Green, Ed.S.

I recommend Denise as an attorney.  She is a seasoned professional, trustworthy and has handled

my affairs with precision.  Family is very important to me.  Having someone who was able to

provide the best service for me is important to me.  Denise has exceeded my expectations.  I have

since then recommended her to some of my closest friends and family members, and she has

extended the same level of care that was afforded towards me.  Whether it was a traffic ticket or a

child in trouble in school, she was able to intervene and facilitate a most desirable outcome.



Rev. Dr. Makeda Bingham

To whom it my concern,


I have worked with Attorney Denise Watson-Wesley Coleman and her law firm Watson-Wesley Williams, LLC for several years.  She is an excellent, experienced Attorney, who went the extra mile to ensure  I had my questions answered.  I received great legal representation from her excellent law firm.  I would highly, recommend Attorney Denise Watson-Wesley Coleman for your legal needs.  Her office telephone number is 708-244-1234.




Dr. Leonard I. Fourt’e

Experienced Attorney Based in St. Louis & Chicago Areas
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